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Welcome to my example stock porfolio.

Photo and video content creator

My interest in photography began very early but it was not until 2015 when I decided to take my first steps in it. I studied it for 3 years and took two diplomas in photographic studies, obtaining two degrees that enable me to practice it officially and professionally. This helped me to understand it in theory and in practice by the hand of excellent professionals in the sector.

I specialize in fashion photography, both advertising and editorial, production of beauty images, makeup and hairdressing, books for actors, actresses, individuals and artists. As well as model tests. My style is elegant, casual and minimalist, but I like to go out of my comfort zone and take risks. I like images that exude elegance and harmony, I look for them to connect and express from simplicity.

My way of working is very focused on lifestyle, in most of my productions I value acting and natural movements, I like to create sequences and generate stories that can be seen, I have a degree in advertising and journalism, it is not the same to tell stories with words than without them.
Stock photography gives my work the opportunity to internationalize and reach an end client beyond borders. It is a window to the world market where I can enhance my portfolio and achieve a wider reach. At the same time, it allows me to have a variety of content, cover other types of needs and keep producing constantly.

I have Valoa Studio, a visual content creation studio, focused on commercial photography and video, specializing in lifestyle, sports, care and wellness, medicine and aesthetics, entrepreneurship and corporate content. 

I also have my main photography portfolio, Daniel Emperador, based on fashion photography, beauty (hair and makeup work), books for actors, actresses, celebrities and models.